Q Global Commodities | Mining and Mineral Advisory 

Q Global Commodities boasts a distinguished legacy spanning over 24 years, cultivating unparalleled expertise in unlocking value in mining and minerals, from mine to market. Our solution-oriented approach and executive level integration stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Leveraging years of experience and an elite team, Q Global Commodities is poised to redefine its role in the industry, taking a strategic approach to the complex and ever-changing global energy landscape.

Q Global Commodities has positioned itself as a strategic partner in exploring, developing, operating, and marketing mineral resources. Leading with technical expertise and operational excellence we are not merely assisting our partners in adapting to the future; we are shaping it.

Our vision extends beyond conventional trading practices as we aim to spearhead initiatives that propel sustainable energy and industry forward.


To develop fully integrated and optimized supply chains from mine to market for a sustainable future.


To establish ourselves as the essential partners for operational excellence in the minerals and mining sector.



Mineral Exploration and Technical Services

Our mineral exploration services are driven by a passionate team with vast experience in taking projects up the value curve. With keen attention to detail, the team is well versed in orebody formation across diverse geological environments.
Our exploration services are designed to unlock potential through modern techniques, with a focus on commercial objectives both for exploration budget constraints as well as project viability by seeking optimization potential from early stages of the exploration cycle.

Exploration Services:
• Exploration Target Identification
• Field Mapping and Analysis
• Geophysics and Geochemical Modelling
• Mineral Exploration Project Planning
• Exploration Sampling and Analysis
• Exploration Field Services


Project Feasibility and Modeling

Comprehensive assessments that optimize value and mitigate risk are essential in getting any project into operation and ensuring they stay there. Our team is experienced in the exploration and operation of projects and it’s this tangible experience that ensures early stage evaluations are done to protect and maximize returns to stake holders.

Project Evaluation Services:
• Feasibility Studies
• Techno-Economic Modelling
• Project Optimization
• Risk Assessments
• Market Development


Mine Planning and Scheduling

The success of any project comes down to technical and managerial expertise and our team, along with our network of specialists, ensure that we are able to assist in realizing the full potential of any project. Detailed planning focused on resource optimization and efficiencies are crucial to ensure commercial objectives are de risked and management remain well-informed to maximize returns in prevailing market conditions.

Mine Engineering Services:
• Mine Design, Planning and Scheduling
• Mining Geology for pit optimization
• Geometallurgical Modelling
• Process Plant Design and Optimization


Operational Management and Support

Taking projects from model to mine and from mine to market is our specialty, with a solution oriented team well versed in mining operations. Having established a name in the industry for turning complex mines into profit centres and a passion for optimization we are here to support you across the supply chain in extracting maximum value from your reserves.

Operational Services:
• Site Establishment and Plant Construction
• Contract Mining and Processing Services
• Operational Oversight and Reporting
• Quality Control
• Management Reporting
• Logistics and Supply Chain Management